Part Three (Boredom)

Sometimes while money is tight, but you have a passion for making things better you have to get creative. So this week I have decided that I am going to give that old tired looking manifold and bright orange valve cover a face lift. Orange has never been a favorite color of mine, It’s green […]

Replaced Parts and Part Numbers (Part Two)

I know, the picture is not a DSM, but supercharger on a lancer because why not? 08/01/2016 Starter was replaced with ToughOne Remanufactured Limited Lifetime Guarantee Part Number 16939S 8/04/2016 Spark Plugs were replaced with NGK BPR7ES Spark Plug Wires were replaced with NGK RC-ME64 Performed a visual inspection of the car, and more specifically […]

Post One (The Buy)

So uhh… Yeah, I did a thing and bought a POS that I paid way to much for… I got burned. It has got rust, poorly maintained, long story short it was someones hooker, but since I am stuck with a 1991 Eagle Talon TSI AWD With a 6 bolt motor, and a 4 bolt […]